Milling & Classifying


Air Swept Mills


Also known as: Pulveriser, Micronizer and Grinder.


Size reduction is achieved in a static circular housing using a high speed rotational beater plate.


  • The rotating beater creates airflow to pneumatically convey the product into the milling chamber.
  • The beater then imparts a force on the product to fracture the particles into smaller particles in the milling (or grinding) zone.
  • The high velocity airflow induced in the machine sweeps the milling chamber with product further abrading the particles and reducing their size.
  • Once the product particles have reached the end of the milling chamber they are either pneumatically conveyed into a dust collector as finished product or passed through an optional dynamic air classifier to separate the particles for re-milling.
  • The Dynamic Air Classifier is driven by an independent drive motor but forms an integral part of the complete Mill.
  • Beater plates are available in sizes 250mm, 500mm, and 750 mm diameter.




Whilst the primary function of an air swept mill is to reduce particle size, additional functions can be incorporated:

  • Cooling - when chilled air is used for heat sensitive products.
  • Flash drying - when high inlet temperatures are used.



  • The CasMill is suitable for Fine or Ultra-fine Milling of semi-hard, crystalline, brittle, fibrous and oily materials with a hardness up to 5 (Mohs Hardness Scale).
  • Maximum feed stock is 10 mm.
  • Minimum Finished Particle size is 10 micron (1/1000 mm)
  • Industries including: Food Production, Mineral, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Plastics, Organics, Fertilizer, Cosmetics, Breweries, Paint and Ink production.
  • Suitable Materials include: Animal feeds, Wheat,  Carbon, Fine Casein, Fine Lime or Calcuim Carbonate, Cement additives, Cereals and Pulses, Chemicals, Dried products, Dye Stuffs, Food related products, Freeze dried products, Lactose, Milk Powders, Minerals, Plastics, Powder Coatings, Rubber, Resins, Wood by-products.








CAS Air Swept Mills


Models           Kw            kg/hr


350N              7.5            40-100

350                15             100-300

500                30             300-1000

750                90             up to 5500







Dynamic Air Classifiers



Dynamic Air Classifiers are well known for fine powder processing as they are used to separate the coarse particles to the fines.



  • If you have a mill/pulversor in existing circuit a CAS Dynamic Classifier can be added and will ensure you do not overgrind or produce unwanted fines and also reduce the power requirements by the mill.   
  • If a narrow band of particle size required the “cut point “ of the separation can be set and adjusted by simply changing the speed of the classifier.   
  • High throughputs are achievable.   
  • Produces Ultra fine particles down to 2 micron subject to type and Specific Gravity of the product.   
  • No messy or slack wire mesh to contamiate the powders.







Vibratory Milling



For size reduction of hard to mill material to ultra fine particle sizes.   Typically - Below 10 micron with the ability to achieve sub micron sizes.






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